Orion Offset Plates

Orion offers a wide range of offset plates from Positive working conventional PS Plates to Digital plates like Thermal CtP and UV CtCP. We offer plates that will fulfil your business need. We offer plates that are fast exposing, consume less chemistry per plate and are reliable with quality that is at par with the market standards.



Brand Type Run Length
Orion Energy
Thermal CtP 2,00,000 Unbaked
Orion Freedom Plus Thermal
Thermal CtP 1,00,000 Unbaked
Orion Oscar
Orion A-1-BLUE UV CtCP 1,00,000 Unbaked
Orion INK JET Plate
Positive PS 2,00,000 Unbaked
Orion News
Positive PS 50,000 Unbaked